The Dragonfly Group

Welcome to THE DRAGONFLY GROUP, consultants to visionary non-profit and, select for-profit groups and organizations.

THE DRAGONFLY GROUP assists our clients in all aspects of non-profit management  with special emphasis on organizational change, growth and transition. We also help to inspire, create and promote  special projects, programs and events that connect people with nature, the arts and science, in their everyday lives.

We also assist nonprofit and public service causes with affordable graphics, stock photos and website design.

Our goal is to provide simple, direct and affordable assistance to nonprofit and public service causes that otherwise might not be able to afford it. Call us to see how flexible we can be in fitting your needs to your budget.


THE DRAGONFLY GROUP gets its name from the symbolism of the Dragonfly as representative of change and transformation. Discover more about this symbolism HERE.

Please browse through the categories above or step through this quick overview of THE DRAGONFLY GROUP and all we have to offer.

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2 Responses to The Dragonfly Group

  1. Mark Casey says:

    Dave, thanks for everything. I really appreciate the direct, no nonsense approach. It not only saved us money but more importantly focused the valuable and limited time and energy of our board and staff on the most important stuff. Good job. – Mark

  2. David,
    This is very interesting. I would like to talk to you about possibilities when I return.
    Good to hear from you.
    Julie Schweitzer

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