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THE DRAGONFLY GROUP uses a variety of techniques to explore the deepest depths of your organization’s values, passions, assumptions and beliefs, helping you to take your first steps as a start up or, the next steps in your long successful history.



We specialize in helping our clients define what comes next in their organizational history through strategic planning, organizational analysis, board development, board self assessment, defining staff and corporate “culture,” marketing, fund-raising, and most other areas of organizational management and advancement.


We do not believe in growth for growth’s sake. Bigger is not necessarily better. We help you to define what “better” means to you, your target audiences, your community, and your future as a meaningful and contributing member of that community.

We do believe that planning and all of the other techniques and strategies described above does not have to be lengthy, complicated and expensive.  Most clients already know deep inside what they value, what they believe and, where they would like to go with their organizations.  These things are what we focus on, rather than some predefined “process.”

Stressful, often destructive, “debate” over multiple, strongly held beliefs can be defused by dropping down a level to understand the assumptions behind those beliefs. Thus, instead of an “I think …” vs “I think …” discussion,  a mutual understanding of where the group is coming from can often lead to a wonderful, often unexpected, collaborative conclusion.


With the new, free website templates it is easier than ever to create and maintain a website or blog. We can get you started and do all or just part of the work.

Afterwards, we can train you in a matter of hours to maintain your own site.  We can also maintain your site for you or, just do the more advanced items and leave the rest to you.

It is also easy to migrate from your existing, complicated, expensive website set up to something much simpler and easier.

We can also help you develop a social networking plan including Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Finally, we can provide you with graphics, stock photography and creative design for your website, publications and more.


If you think you can’t afford assistance please, contact us. Find out why we are different, how we can assist you no matter what your budget, and how we can provide affordable help to simplify whatever transition you are going through by focusing on the deep seated values, beliefs and assumptions that are behind it.

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