What a Leaf Has Seen

By Dave Imbrogno, Senior Partner

As I rush about from task to task, appointment to appointment, I pause, as a brown leaf falls at my feet. The leaf’s only rush has been its fluttering drop from branch to ground.

What has this leaf seen from its summer-long perch? There it dangled for over six months, never moving more than the distance it could twist back and forth in the wind.

I once sat for an entire day in the woods, on top of a rock ledge. It was still no competition for the leaf’s summer long mediation but,  I thought I did well, for a human.

It is said that if you sit still in the forest, the animals will emerge and come to you. They do. But as I sat silently, I also noticed that the sound of wind in the leaves is the sound of rustling leaves, as opposed to the sound of wind in the pines, which is just the sound of wind. I noticed many things.

Notice is a simple word. It is not an aggressively active word. However, it is a powerful word and a powerful thing to do. Simply notice.

At the DRAGONFLY GROUP we are all about noticing.  Programming and Exhibits, Strategic Planning and Board Governance, are at their core, all about noticing.

We are all busy and are proud of what we have accomplished. But still, my mind wanders back to sitting for an entire day in the woods doing nothing. Our museums, visitor centers gardens, nature centers and everything they entail are simply portals into nature and into the self discovery of quietness, noticing, and sometimes just doing nothing.

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