Dragonfly Symbolism

Early in its life a Dragonfly nymph dives deep into the mud at the bottom of a stream or pond. There it feeds, grows, then, when ready, it rises to the surface to emerge as an adult.


After drying its new wings in the sun, the Dragonfly takes to the air and soars to the highest heights of the summer sky. As the season comes to an end, Dragonflies mate, lay eggs on the water and the cycle starts over again.



In mythology this mirrors the life cycle of the Dragon, after which the Dragonfly is named.

This symbolism of diving deep for growth and development
then, emerging transformed to soar high
describes well what The Dragonfly Group
seeks to achieve with its clients.

2 Responses to Dragonfly Symbolism

  1. Lima Roslaind says:

    Loved the symbolism!

  2. Pam Ross says:

    This is nice and I love the symbolism. I’ve always loved dragonflies, but now even more so

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